State v. Gilbert

In State v. Gilbert, 30 Conn. App. 428, 620 A.2d 822 (1993), aff'd, 229 Conn. 228, 640 A.2d 61 (1994), the Court ruled that the statute is clear and unambiguous as to the admissibility of blood tests performed in a hospital, but we interpreted the provision regarding who could draw the blood to include a "medical technologist," even though medical technologists were not specifically designated as one of the categories of persons qualified for that purpose under the statute. State v. Gilbert, supra, 30 Conn. App. 440-41. The Court agreed with the trial court that "a certified medical technologist is at least a qualified laboratory technician, one of the listed categories, in that the medical technologist's training encompasses and exceeds that of a laboratory technician." Id., 441.