State v. Gregory

In State v. Gregory, 56 Conn. App. 47, 741 A.2d 986 (1999), cert. denied, 252 Conn. 929, 746 A.2d 790 (2000) the Court stated: "During a Terry detention, the police may conduct a pat-down search to locate weapons if they reasonably believe that the suspect may be armed and dangerous. . . . According to Terry v. Ohio, where a reasonably prudent officer is warranted in the circumstances of a given case in believing that his safety or that of others is endangered, he may make a reasonable search for weapons of the person believed by him to be armed and dangerous regardless of whether he has probable cause to arrest that individual for a crime or the absolute certainty that the individual is armed. Once a reasonable and articulable suspicion exists, an officer may detain a suspect to conduct an investigative stop to confirm or dispel such suspicions. Suspicious conduct during a Terry stop, including flight at the approach of officers and a refusal to comply with officers' instructions, are other integral factors that will justify a pat- down for weapons. . ." Id., 56 Conn. App. at 52-53.