State v. Hopes

In State v. Hopes, 26 Conn. App. 367, 374-75 602 A.2d 23, cert. denied, 221 Conn. 915, 603 A.2d 405 (1992), the Court noted that the word carry is not defined in 29-35 and that "when there is no explicit definition of a statutory term this court will attempt to determine it by identifying the problem in society to which the legislature addressed itself by examining the legislative history of the statute . . . ." The Court then concluded that the problem in society that the legislature sought to address by enacting 29-35 is the "use of unlicensed weapons in public." Id., 375. As the Court noted in Hopes, the statute "allows a person to keep an unlicensed pistol or revolver in his home or business location." Id.