State v. Pin

In State v. Pin, 56 Conn. App. 549, 555, 745 A.2d 204, cert. denied, 252 Conn. 951, 748 A.2d 299 (2000), the defendant challenged the court's admission into evidence of five inculpatory statements that he claimed were involuntary and, therefore, admitted in violation of article first, 8, of the constitution of Connecticut. 56 Conn. App. at 554. The defendant properly preserved for appellate review his claim as to three of the statements and sought State v. Golding review as to the other two. Id. The Court undertook Golding review, noting that the parties and the court had developed an adequate record in the proceedings on the motion to suppress and that the other two statements had been made in "virtually identical" circumstances. Id. at 555.