State v. Repetti

In State v. Repetti, 60 Conn. App. 614, 617, 760 A.2d 964, cert. denied, 255 Conn. 923, 763 A.2d 1043 (2000), the defendant claimed "the laws he was found to have violated were different from those cited in his violation of probation warrant." The Court explained: "Here, the defendant's violation of probation warrant fully described the June 30, 1999 incident, which ultimately was a basis for the court's finding a violation of probation. . . . From the warrant and the substitute information, the defendant was aware that he was accused of violating specific criminal laws of this state because of his actions at the victim's residence. . . . Under those circumstances, it is clear that the defendant received notice of the ways in which he was ultimately found to have violated his probation." Id., 618.