State v. Sebastian

In State v. Sebastian, 81 Conn. 1, 69 A. 1054 (1908), the defendant was a music teacher convicted of carnally knowing and abusing one of his students, a fifteen year old girl. Id., at 2. "While the offense of which the accused stood charged was not rape, it was a crime essentially similar in character. It is not necessary to prove a want of consent on the part of the female; but this is simply because the law declares her incapable of consenting. Being thus incapable, there must always be a want of consent. Her tender years both render her peculiarly susceptible to the influence of others, and make it imperative that she should be protected against herself. Whether she yield to the solicitations of a seducer, or be the one to propose the guilty act, the law, therefore, declares to be immaterial." Id., 6-7.