State v. Snyder

In State v. Snyder, 49 Conn. App. 617, 717 A.2d 240 (1998) the defendant caused several people to receive hundreds of unsolicited mailings, subscriptions and other packages. Id., 623. He appealed from his conviction under 53a-183 (a) (2), arguing, inter alia, that the statute was unconstitutionally vague as applied to him. The Court disagreed because the evidence demonstrated that the defendant in Snyder intended to harass the victims by means of the mail, and the execution of his plan indicated that his sole purpose was to harass by ordering vendors to send multiple mailings to the victims. Id., 629. "We conclude that a person of ordinary intelligence would have fair warning that the outrageous conduct of sending unsolicited magazine subscriptions, videocassettes, audio discs, music cassettes, collector plates and cards, and seminar enrollments to victims through the mail in retaliation for perceived harassment would constitute a violation of the statute." Id., 630.