State v. Trantolo

In State v. Trantolo, 37 Conn. Sup. 601, 430 A.2d 465 (1981), the Appellate Session of the Superior Court explained that the purpose of 14-219c is to provide a presumption of accuracy for a laser reading when the state satisfies the five conditions contained therein and that it is not a test of the admissibility of a laser reading. The court made clear that "the fact that a prima facie presumption is created by 14-219c if the several conditions required are proved does not mean that evidence falling short of establishing those conditions must be excluded if it would be otherwise admissible." Id., at 603. Further, the court stated that "the quantum of evidence required to pass the threshold of admissibility must be distinguished from that requirement to establish a prima facie case or to satisfy the requirement of proof beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal case. 1 Wigmore, Evidence (3d Ed.) 29." State v. Trantolo, supra, at 604.