State v. Wearing

In State v. Wearing, 46 Conn. App. 741, 701 A.2d 41, the Court clarified the parameters of what constitutes an "inconsistency." There, the Court held that "a statement's inconsistency may be determined from the circumstances and is not limited to cases in which diametrically opposed assertions have been made. Thus, inconsistencies may be found in changes in position and they may also be found in denial of recollection. . . . "Whether there are inconsistencies between the two statements is properly a matter for the trial court. . . . Inconsistencies may be shown not only by contradictory statements but also by omissions. In determining whether an inconsistency exists, the testimony of a witness as a whole, or the whole impression or effect of what has been said, must be examined." Id. at 752-53.