Thompson v. Roach

In Thompson v. Roach, 52 Conn. App. 819, 728 A.2d 524, cert. denied, 249 Conn. 911, 733 A.2d 227 (1999) the Court concluded that "where notice . . . is impossible to give, the failure to comply strictly with 31-349 will not preclude a transfer of liability. . . . Under such circumstances, notice will be considered timely if provided within a reasonable period of time thereafter." Id., at 823. In Thompson, the defendant insurer was prevented from providing complete notice because the plaintiff's employer became defunct and information relevant to the claim was not obtained until well after the deadline for timely notice. Id., at 822. Moreover, within a reasonable time after obtaining the information, the defendant insurer in Thompson provided the fund complete notice in accordance with the notice provision of 31-349. Id.