Vogel v. Sylvester

In Vogel v. Sylvester, 148 Conn. 666, 677, 174 A.2d 122 (1961), the trial court permitted testimony as to the defendant's extramarital affair for the purpose of impeaching his credibility. Vogel v. Sylvester, supra, 148 Conn. 675. On appeal, the Court stated that although only a few types of sexual misconduct are indicative of a lack of veracity, "where the witness was married at the time of the act . . . a new and additional element is injected which may affect the question of relevancy to the issue of veracity. . . . It cannot be said that the defendant's course of conduct in entering into an extramarital sexual relationship . . . had no logical tendency to indicate a lack of veracity on his part." Id., 677.