Wann v. Lemieux

In Wann v. Lemieux, 36 Conn. App. 138, 648 A.2d 889 (1994), the Court concluded that "the Superior Court order setting aside the nonsuit, finding that . . . evidence should have been admitted and remanding the matter to the magistrate for further proceedings in the paternity and support matter, did not terminate a separate and distinct proceeding, nor did it conclude the rights of the parties so that further proceedings cannot affect them. . . . "The underlying paternity action is still pending, there has been no adjudication of paternity, and further proceedings before the magistrate could affect the rights of the parties. The Superior Court's order has the practical effect of opening the paternity action and continuing that proceeding. The court ordered the magistrate to admit . . . evidence, but it did not dictate the outcome of the paternity and support action itself. The Superior Court decision does not satisfy either prong of the Curcio test." (Wann, 36 Conn. App. at 141.)