Web Press Services Corp. v. New London Motors, Inc

In Web Press Services Corp. v. New London Motors, Inc., 203 Conn. 342, 353, 525 A.2d 57 (1987) the plaintiff sought damages from the defendant automobile dealer in connection with the defendant's sale to the plaintiff of an allegedly defective used vehicle. The court interpreted Chamberlain v. Bob Matick Chevrolet, Inc, to stand for the proposition that unless the case before the court concerns an "as is" clause in the contract, Chamberlain does not apply. Id., 353. Therefore, any other source that interprets Chamberlain to stand for more than just that proposition is unpersuasive authority. The court in Web Press Services Corp. never addressed the fact that in that case, the trial court concluded that there was "no evidence that the defendant knew or should have known that . . . there were defects in the vehicle . . . ." Id., 361. Because the court never addressed that fact when it discussed the implied warranty of merchantability, any suggestion that Chamberlain's dictum is critical in our analysis lacks merit. Therefore, in the present case, the defendant's reliance on Chamberlain is misplaced. See id., 353.