Weisbaum v. Weisbaum

Weisbaum v. Weisbaum, 2 Conn. App. 270, 477 A.2d 690 (1984) was a dissolution of marriage case in which the Superior Court ordered the defendant, as custodian, to make payments from the minor children's custodial trust funds. Id., 271-72. The trust funds were also set up under the Connecticut Uniform Gifts to Minors Act, which was codified at the time as General Statutes 45-101 through 45-109b. On appeal, the Court found that the Superior Court had abused its discretion in permitting the invasion of the custodial account. Id., 272. The Court determined, however, that the trial court acted properly in ordering the defendant to take action, thus implicitly determining that jurisdiction existed in the trial court.