West Hartford v. Rechel

In West Hartford v. Rechel, 190 Conn. 114, 459 A.2d 1015 (1983), the Supreme Court held that a municipality could be estopped from enforcing its zoning regulations because of a long-standing pattern of unchallenged conduct. Id., 121-22. The defendants had been denied a license to operate a rooming house on their properties because the building inspector determined that such a use violated the zoning regulations. Id., 116-17. The Supreme Court reversed the denial of the license because the defendants justifiably might have relied on licenses for their property that had been freely granted to prior owners of the property. Id., 123-24. The defendants had inquired about those licenses before they purchased the property, and the building inspector had been fully aware of the uses to which the defendants intended to put the property. Id., 123.