Workers Compensation Commission Duty In Connecticut

The powers and duties of a commissioner are set forth in General Statutes 31-278, which provides in part: "Each commissioner shall, for the purposes of this chapter, have power to summon and examine under oath such witnesses, and may direct the production of, and examine or cause to be produced or examined, such books, records, vouchers, memoranda, documents, letters, contracts or other papers in relation to any matter at issue as he may find proper . . . ." See also Hunnihan v. Mattatuck Mfg. Co., 243 Conn. 438, 444-45, 705 A.2d 1012 (1997). Section 31-293 permits an injured employee to receive workers' compensation benefits for work-related injuries and to bring a third party cause of action against a person who may be legally liable for the employee's injuries. If the employee brings a civil action against a third party, the employer, its insurance carrier and the fund may intervene in the action if they have paid or have become obligated to pay compensation to the employee.