Reckless Driving Legal Definition In Delaware

21 Del. C. 4175(a) provides as follows: No person shall operate a motor vehicle in such a manner as to cause willful, wanton or reckless damage to or destruction of property owned by another person, party, company or corporation. Willful or wanton conduct indicates a "conscious indifference" or "I don't care attitude." Eustice v. Rupert, Del. Supr., 460 A.2d 507 (1983). The purpose of the Reckless Driving Statute "is to ensure drivers use care in the operation of their vehicles as the circumstances reasonably require having proper regard for rights and safety of other persons." Lynch v. Lynch, Del. Supr., 39 Del. 1, 9 W.W. Harr. 1, 195 A. 799 (1937). When there is a question of statutory interpretation the Court should apply "plain language" rules of statutory construction unless there is a reasonable doubt as to the meaning of the words or if the statute is otherwise ambiguous. Jackson v. Multi-Purpose Criminal Justice Facility, Del. Supr., 700 A.2d 1203, 1205 (1997).