Tenant Wrongfully Quits the Rental Unit

25 Del. C. 5508(d) states: If the tenant wrongfully quits the rental unit and unequivocally indicates by words or deeds his intention not to resume tenancy, he shall be liable for the lesser of the following for such abandonment: (1) the entire rent due for the remainder of the term and reasonable renovation expenses other than for normal wear and tear incurred in preparing the apartment for a new tenant; (2) All rent accrued during the period reasonably necessary to rerent the premises at a fair rental, plus the difference between such fair rental and the rent agreed to in the prior rental agreement, plus a reasonable commission for the renting of the premises. This subsection shall apply if less than subsection (d)(1), notwithstanding that the landlord did not rerent the premises. The Landlord/Tenant Code revisions became effective on July 17, 1996.