Arrests Warrant After Arriving at the Wrong Courtroom

In In re Sloop, 946 So. 2d 1046 (Fla. 2006), several citizens appeared in the Seminole County courthouse to respond to traffic charges, but arrived at the wrong courtroom after being misdirected by courthouse personnel. See id. at 1050. After they did not appear in Judge Sloop's courtroom, Judge Sloop simply issued warrants for their immediate arrests and then proceeded to go to lunch. See id. Despite being informed that the individuals had eventually reported to his courtroom, he refused to rescind the warrants. See id. This Court concluded its opinion by stating: "We hope that our decision today will remind all judges of their solemn obligation to 'personally observe' high standards of conduct 'so that the integrity and independence of the judiciary may be preserved.'" Id. at 1060 (quoting Fla. Code of Jud. Conduct, Canon 1).