Cases Cited In a Per Curiam Decision

In Dodi Publishing Co. v. Editorial America, S.A., 385 So.2d 1369 (Fla. 1980), the court rejected "the assertion that we should reexamine a case cited in a per curiam decision to determine if the contents of that cited case . . . conflict with other appellate decisions." 385 So.2d at 1369. In Jollie, we reaffirmed that "mere citation PCA decisions . . . will remain nonreviewable by this Court" and distinguished those district court PCA opinions that cite as controlling authority "a case that is pending review in or has been reversed by this Court." 405 So.2d at 421. The decision in Dodi Publishing explicitly addressed this Court's lack of jurisdiction to review per curiam decisions from the district courts of appeal that merely cite to a case not pending on review in this Court. However, the Court has historically applied the reasoning of Dodi Publishing to other district court citation per curiam decisions.