Criminal Case Involving Use of ''Christian Burial'' Technique

In Hudson v. State, 538 So. 2d 829 (Fla. 1989), after the defendant stated to police that the victim was dead and he had seen the body, a police sergeant asked him if he had ever been to a funeral and told him that most people do not go to funerals without a body. See 538 So. 2d at 830. The sergeant told him that the family needed to put this situation to rest by seeing the body. See id. Upon review, this Court found that this interaction did not constitute the prohibited "Christian burial" technique that the Court have previously addressed, stating: "This Court has characterized the Christian burial technique as a 'blatantly coercive and deceptive ploy.' . . . However, we find the sergeant's reference to finding the body so that it could be buried insufficient to make an otherwise voluntary statement inadmissible." Id.