Does Meritless Issue Render Appellate Lawyer's Performance Ineffective ?

In Rutherford v. Moore, 774 So. 2d 637 (Fla. 2000) the Court said: If a legal issue "would in all probability have been found to be without merit" had counsel raised the issue on direct appeal, the failure of appellate counsel to raise the meritless issue will not render appellate counsel's performance ineffective. Williamson v. Dugger, 651 So. 2d 84, 86 (Fla. 1994); see, e.g., Kokal v. Dugger, 718 So. 2d 138, 142 (Fla. 1998); Groover, 656 So. 2d 424 at 425. This is generally true as to issues that would have been found to be procedurally barred had they been raised on direct appeal. See, e.g., Groover, 656 So. 2d at 425; Medina v. Dugger, 586 So. 2d 317, 318 (Fla. 1991). Id. at 643; accord Spencer v. State, 842 So. 2d 52, 74 (Fla. 2003).