Does Police Officer Agreeing to Make Cooperation Known Render a Confession Involuntary ?

The Supreme Court of Florida has said that "the fact that a police officer agrees to make one's cooperation known to prosecuting authorities and to the court does not render a confession involuntary." Maqueira v. State, 588 So. 2d 221, 223 (Fla. 1991); See also Bush, 461 So. 2d at 939 ("In addition, we have previously held that a confession is not rendered inadmissible because the police tell the accused that it would be easier on him if he told the truth."). In Ramirez v. State, 15 So. 3d 852 (Fla. 1st DCA 2009), the First District Court of Appeal concluded that the trial court should have granted Ramirez's motion to suppress an interrogation video because multiple promises of help from law enforcement officers rendered his statement involuntary. Id. at 856-57.