Enhanced Discipline Due to Prior Disciplinary History by An Attorney Mishandling Trust Accounts

In Florida Bar v. Adler, 589 So. 2d 899, 900 (Fla. 1991), this Court suspended an attorney for eighteen months for failure to comply with the Bar's requirements for trust accounts where the attorney had a prior disciplinary history and there were multiple offenses at issue in the case. See 589 So. 2d at 900. Finally, in Florida Bar v. Kassier, 730 So. 2d 1273, 1274-75 (Fla. 1999), this Court imposed a one-year suspension where an attorney wrote two checks on accounts with insufficient funds and failed to respond to a subpoena issued by the Bar. As a condition of his reinstatement, this Court required Kassier to attend the Florida Bar's Ethics School, a trust accounting workshop. Id. at 1276. In imposing this sanction, the Court noted that enhanced discipline was necessary because of Kassier's prior misconduct. Id.