Lawyer Disbarred In Two Different States - Readmission

In Florida Board of Bar Examiners re Simring, 802 So. 2d 1111 (Fla. 2000), an attorney who had been disbarred in Florida for misconduct committed in Florida was subsequently reciprocally disbarred in New York. After the requisite five-year ineligibility period in Florida had passed, he sought to apply for readmission in Florida. The Board advised him that he was ineligible to apply for readmission in Florida until he was also eligible to apply for readmission in New York. The New York period of ineligibility at that time was seven years. The attorney petitioned for review. This Court concluded that "it would be unfair to prevent Simring from applying for readmission in Florida simply because New York imposes a longer standard disbarment period than that imposed in Florida." Id. at 1112.