Petition for Validation of Bonds and Revenue Certificates In Florida

In State v. Suwannee County Development Authority, 122 So. 2d 190 (Fla. 1960), the Development Authority sought validation of revenue certificates for the purchase of land and construction of buildings that would be leased to private businesses. Id. at 191. There were no definite plans as to what land would be purchased with the proceeds from the sale of the certificates, what buildings would be constructed, or what firms would lease the buildings. Id. The Development Authority intended to devise the program after the validation. Id. On review, this Court explained that in order to determine whether an agency may lawfully expend the bond proceeds for the contemplated purpose, the issuing governmental agency should set forth in the petition for validation "a description of the purpose for which the proceeds are to be used, which description should be sufficiently detailed to enable a member of the public and the state to determine whether the issuing agency can lawfully expend public monies therefor." Id. at 193. Thus, "petitions for validation of bonds and revenue certificates should set forth in reasonable detail the purpose or purposes which will be accomplished with the proceeds." Id. at 194.