Suppression of Inculpatory Statements After Waiving Miranda Rights

In Teffeteller v. Dugger, 734 So. 2d 1009, 1019-20 (Fla. 1999), the court determined that no evidentiary hearing was warranted on the alleged failure of counsel to litigate properly the issue of suppression of the defendant's inculpatory statements (made after waiving Miranda rights) and physical evidence obtained after the defendant consented to a police search of his vehicle. The court noted that trial counsel filed several motions to suppress Teffeteller's statements and the evidence obtained from the search of his vehicle . . ., that a hearing was conducted on the motions, and that counsel objected to the introduction of this evidence at trial. Thus, trial counsel vigorously litigated these issues and his performance was not deficient in this regard. Id.