What Are the Consequences If An Attorney Continues Wrongful Conduct After Private Reprimand ?

In Florida Bar v. Morrison, 669 So. 2d 1040 (Fla. 1996), this Court imposed a one-year suspension and required passage of the ethics portion of the bar examination where an attorney failed to pursue representation on behalf of clients and failed to cooperate with the Bar. See 669 So. 2d at 1041-42. In imposing this sentence, the Court noted that Morrison had a prior history of similar misconduct. Id. at 1042. Similarly, in Florida Bar v. Rolle, 661 So. 2d 296, 298 (Fla. 1995), this Court determined that a six-month suspension was not too severe where a private reprimand failed to deter an attorney from further engaging in similar wrongful conduct. See 661 So. 2d at 298.