What Constitutes a Direct Consequence of a Plea Bargain ?

In Major v. State, 814 So. 2d 424, 431 (Fla. 2000) the court adopted the less restrictive definition of what constitutes a direct consequence of a plea from the Fourth District's opinion in Daniels v. State, 716 So. 2d 827 (Fla. 4th DCA 1998). In Daniels, the Fourth District, utilizing the definition of a direct consequence of the plea we later adopted in Major, held that a defendant was entitled to withdraw a nolo contendere plea entered without the defendant first being informed of the license revocation. The Fourth District concluded that the revocation was definite, immediate, and automatic upon conviction, that it was a consequence of the plea, and that it was a "penalty" as contemplated by Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.172(c)(1). See Daniels, 716 So. 2d at 828-29.