Alonso v. Parfet

In Alonso v. Parfet, 253 Ga. 749, 325 S.E.2d 152 (Ga. 1985), the employee, a doctor, worked as a laboratory director for his employer. 325 S.E.2d at 153. The employee entered into an employment agreement with the employer. Alonso v. Parfet, 171 Ga. App. 74, 318 S.E.2d 696, 699 (Ga. App. 1984), rev'd 253 Ga. 749, 325 S.E.2d 152 . As part of his employment, the employee allowed the employer to use his name and title on business papers, amounting to an implied license. Id. After his job was terminated, the employer continued to use employee's name along with his title of "Laboratory Director" on forms and other documents that were sent to potential and actual clients of employer. Id. The court in Alonso held that "absent express agreement, the license granted or implied and made irrevocable by the expenditure of funds is the license to use the employee's name in connection with his employment. Such a license will normally terminate along with the employment." Alonso, 325 S.E.2d at 154.