Child's Statement Reliability In Georgia Courts

In Gregg v. State, 201 Ga. App. 238 (411 S.E.2d 65) (1991) this Court listed factors that a trial court should consider in determining whether the circumstances surrounding a child's statement provide sufficient indicia of reliability. These factors include: (1) the conditions under which the statement was made; (2) the statement's spontaneity; (3) the child's age; (4) the child's demeanor; (5) the child's physical and emotional condition; (6) the presence or absence of any threats or promises of benefit; (7) any presence or absence of drugs or alcohol; (8) the child's general credibility; (9) the presence or absence of any coaching by parents or others either before or during the giving of the statement; (10) the consistency between repeated out-of-court statements.