Negligent Misrepresentation Georgia Law

Georgia adopted the standard for negligent misrepresentation set out in Restatement of Torts 2d, 552 (1977). See Robert & Co. Assoc. v. Rhodes-Haverty Partnership, 250 Ga. 680, 681-682 (300 S.E.2d 503) (1983). Under this standard, one who supplies information during the course of his business, profession, employment, or in any transaction in which he has a pecuniary interest has a duty of reasonable care and competence to parties who rely upon the information in circumstances in which the maker was manifestly aware of the use to which the information was to be put and intended that it be so used. This liability is limited to a foreseeable person or limited class of persons for whom the information was intended, either directly or indirectly. Id. The Supreme Court later clarified that professional liability for negligence did not extend to an unlimited class of persons whose presence is merely "foreseeable." Rather, professional liability for negligence . . . extends to those persons, or the limited class of persons who the professional is actually aware will rely upon the information he prepared. Badische Corp. v. Caylor, 257 Ga. 131, 133 (356 S.E.2d 198) (1987).