OCGA 14-3-1401 Interpretation

In Williams v. Martin Lakes Condo. Assn., 284 Ga. App. 569, 570 (1) (644 SE2d 424) (2007) the Court, construing similar statutory provisions that apply to nonprofit corporations and organizations under OCGA 14-3-1401 et seq., determined that reinstatement resulted in legal capacity to sue even though the association had been administratively dissolved at the time the suit was filed. That case, however, was decided when the legislature had amended the Code, dropping entirely the time limit for applying for reinstatement as well as the two-year survival statute. See id. at 570-571 (1). See also Ga. L. 2004, pp. 546-547, 58; Ga. L. 1997, pp. 1185-1186, 18.1. Thus, there was no time limit within which the association was required to conclude any business necessary to wind up its affairs, including filing the lawsuit in question.