OCGA 19-6-15 (H) (3) Interpretation

In OCGA 19-6-15 (h) (3), which became effective January 1, 2007, as part of Georgia's new Child Support Guidelines, the General Assembly specifically addressed the collection of uninsured health care expenses. Where child support services pursues enforcement of payment of such unpaid expenses, OCGA 19-6-15 (h) (3) (B) (ii) expressly requires that the amount of unpaid expenses be reduced to a judgment in a sum certain amount. Where, on the other hand, a parent (or a nonparent custodian) seeks to collect the other parent's share of uninsured health care expenses, the collecting parent "may enforce payment of the expense by any means permitted by law." OCGA 19-6-15 (h) (3) (B) (i). Collection via garnishment is permitted pursuant to the postjudgment garnishment procedure, if the debt has been reduced to a money judgment, or pursuant to the prejudgment garnishment procedure, if the debt has not been reduced to a money judgment.