OCGA 34-9-221 Interpretation

OCGA 34-9-221 (i) provides that the employer shall file with the Board and employee notice as required by the Board. Just as the claimant must meet the statute's requirements to obtain benefits, the employer must do so to controvert the claim. Russell Morgan Landscape Mgmt. v. Velez-Ochoa, 252 Ga. App. 549, 552 (556 SE2d 827) (2001). "Whether noncompliance with OCGA 34-9-221 is without reasonable grounds is an issue of fact to be determined by the Board, and its decision will be affirmed by this court if there is any evidence to support it." Carr v. A. P. & Harry Jones Logging, 198 Ga. App. 698, 699 (1) (402 SE2d 538) (1991).