Similar Transaction Evidence Georgia

Uniform Superior Court Rule 31.3 (B) provides general content requirements for notices of the prosecution's intent to present similar transaction evidence. It does not include a requirement that the notice state the purpose for which the evidence is sought to be admitted. However, "'the notice of intent to introduce evidence of similar crimes should clearly specify the proper purpose for which introduction of such evidence is sought. . . . Rodriguez v. State, 211 Ga. App. 256, 258 (4) (a) (439 S.E.2d 510) (1993). A statement of purpose advances two aims. First, it allows the defendant the opportunity to investigate the validity, relevancy, and other aspects of the prior offenses. Second, it assists the court in making the essential preliminary determination of whether the State is seeking to introduce the evidence for an appropriate purpose Hawks v. State, 223 Ga. App. 890, 891 (1) (479 S.E.2d 186) (1996). Reversible error does not automatically accrue from the absence of a purpose declaration in the notice, however.