Slip and Fall Water on Floor Cases In Georgia

In factually similar slip and fall cases for which summary judgment was not proper, evidence showed that water had accumulated on the floor of defendant's premises. In Hutchins v. J. H. Harvey Co., 240 Ga. App. 582, 584 (524 S.E.2d 289) (1999), the plaintiff testified that she saw a clear puddle on the floor where she fell and it soiled her dress. In Stephens v. Kroger Co., 236 Ga. App. 871 (513 S.E.2d 22) (1999), although the plaintiff could not see the water on the floor before she fell, she testified that she felt her hand in water after she fell. In Sutton v. Winn-Dixie Stores, 233 Ga. App. 424, 427 (504 S.E.2d 245) (1998), the plaintiff was looking straight ahead when she fell, but her pants were soaked when she got up. In Robinson v. Kroger Co., 268 Ga. 735, 748-749 (2) (b) (493 S.E.2d 403) (1997), the Supreme Court indicated that the routine issues of premises liability are not generally susceptible of summary adjudication. 268 Ga. at 749.