What Does ''Nolle Prosequi'' Mean In Georgia ?

"Nolle prosequi" means "'a formal entry upon the record by the prosecuting officer in a criminal action by which he declares that he will no further prosecute the case, either as to some of the counts, or some of the defendants, or altogether.'" Williams v. State, 244 Ga. 485, 486-487 (2) (260 SE2d 879) (1979). In Gentry v. State, 281 Ga. App. 315, 317 (1) (b) (635 SE2d 782) (2006), the court looked at both the heading and the body of the indictment to conclude that the defendant was properly convicted of manufacturing methamphetamine, despite the heading that referred to trafficking in methamphetamine, an action that was not a crime until after the defendant's arrest.