Witness Impeachment In Georgia

In Georgia, "[a] witness may be impeached by contradictory statements previously made by him as to matters relevant to his testimony and to the case." OCGA 24-9-83. See Redfearn v. Huntcliff Homes Assn., Inc., 260 Ga. App. 150, 156 (1) (a) (579 SE2d 37) (2003). To impeach a witness with a prior inconsistent statement, a party must demonstrate that (1) the prior statement contradicts or is inconsistent with the witness's in-court testimony; (2) the prior statement is relevant; and (3) the examining attorney has laid the proper foundation with the witness. See Duckworth v. State, 268 Ga. 566, 567 (1) (492 SE2d 201) (1997).