Uncontested Divorce in Guam

In Guam, a court may grant an uncontested divorce if both parties agree to the terms of the divorce and at least one spouse has resided in Guam for a minimum of seven days immediately preceding the filing of the complaint. (19 G.C.A. 8318, subd. (b).) If the consent to a divorce is signed in the United States, it must be verified before a notary public. (19 G.C.A. 8319, subd. (b).) The Guamanian court may grant an uncontested divorce based upon the verified complaint if it appears to be in the interests of justice. (19 G.C.A. 8320.) If the Guamanian court dissolves the marriage, it enters an interlocutory judgment (19 G.C.A. 8321), followed by a final divorce decree (19 G.C.A. 8320).