Writ of Mandate for an Abuse of Discretion in Guam

In Guam Publications 1996 Guam 6 at P11, the Court announced generic guidelines to consider when deciding whether to issue the writ of mandate for an abuse of discretion: These guidelines are whether: the party seeking the writ has no other adequate means, such as direct appeal, to attain the relief he or she desires; the petitioner will be damaged or prejudiced in a way not correctable on appeal; the court's order is clearly erroneous as a matter of law; the court's order is an oft-repeated error, or manifests a persistent disregard of the rules; the court's order raises new and important problems, or issues of law or first impression." Id. These guidelines normally apply "to confine an inferior court to a lawful exercise of its prescribed jurisdiction or to compel it to exercise its authority when it is its duty to do so." Id. at P 10 .