Aiding and Abetting Elements Illinois

In Illinois, to properly plead the tort of aiding and abetting, one must allege the following elements: (1) the party whom the defendant aids must perform a wrongful act which causes an injury; (2) the defendant must be regularly aware of his role as part of the overall or tortious activity at the time that he provides the assistance; (3) the defendant must knowingly and substantially assist the principal violation.'" Thornwood, Inc. v. Jenner & Block, 344 Ill. App. 3d 15, 27-28, 799 N.E.2d 756, 767, 278 Ill. Dec. 891 (2003), quoting Wolf v. Liberis, 153 Ill. App. 3d 488, 496, 505 N.E.2d 1202, 1208, 106 Ill. Dec. 411 (1987).