Does Defendant Have to Renew His Objection to the Admission of Evidence ?

In Spyrka v. County of Cook, 366 Ill. App. 3d 156, 851 N.E.2d 800, 303 Ill. Dec. 613 (2006), the First District concluded that the defendants did not have to renew their objection to the admission of a video animation at trial where the trial court had: (1) decided to allow introduction of the video; (2) denied the defendants' motion for reconsideration and alternate relief; (3) denied two defense motions for a mistrial; (4) invited defense counsel to appeal the court's determination. Given the record, the First District concluded that the "defendants were entitled to conclude that the court would continue to make the same ruling and were not required to repeat the objection." Spyrka, 366 Ill. App. 3d at 166, 851 N.E.2d at 809.