Electrical Contractor's Lawsuit to Recover License and Inspection Fees

In Edward P. Allison Co. v. Village of Dolton, 24 Ill. 2d 233, 181 N.E.2d 151 (1962), an electrical contractor brought an action to recover money allegedly paid under duress to a village as license and inspection fees. the supreme court held that the payments to the village were not voluntary, where the contractor had a business contract for electrical work, was threatened by a village official that the work would be stopped unless the fees were paid, and was faced with severe penalties or loss of the contract. Allison, 24 Ill. 2d at 236. the court also noted that the contractor did not admit the validity of the fees or the ordinance and had reserved the right to protest them. Allison, 24 Ill. 2d at 236-37.