Improper Admonishment About About How to Perfect An Appeal

In People v. Henderson, 217 Ill. 2d 449, 841 N.E.2d 872, 299 Ill. Dec. 140 (2005), it was undisputed that the defendant was not properly admonished about how to perfect an appeal of sentencing issues. Henderson, 217 Ill. 2d at 454. The defendant argued that, because of this error, he was entitled to an automatic remand so that he could move to reconsider his sentence. Henderson, 217 Ill. 2d at 457-58. The supreme court rejected this claim, because the defendant had not demonstrated prejudice due to the faulty admonishments. Henderson, 217 Ill. 2d at 459, 467-68. Specifically, the defendant did not specify any issues that he would have raised had he been properly admonished. Henderson, 217 Ill. 2d at 467-68.