Independent Evidence Established Corpus Delicti of All the Crimes In the Confession

In People v. Bounds, 171 Ill. 2d 1, 662 N.E.2d 1168, 215 Ill. Dec. 28 (1995), the defendant confessed to (and was convicted of) murder, aggravated criminal sexual assault, and aggravated kidnaping (Bounds, 171 Ill. 2d at 16). He argued on appeal that there was no independent evidence to corroborate the parts of his confession relating to aggravated criminal sexual assault and aggravated kidnaping (Bounds, 171 Ill. 2d at 42). The supreme court addressed the issue by determining whether the independent evidence tended to establish the corpus delicti of all the crimes mentioned in the confession. See Bounds, 171 Ill. 2d at 43-46.