Is a Conversation Which Took Place Prior to the Defendant's Arrival at the Crime Scene Admissible As Evidence ?

In People v. Davis, 46 Ill. 2d 554, 556-58, 264 N.E.2d 140, 141-42 (1970), our supreme court rejected the defendant's argument that evidence of a codefendant's conversation with another party regarding a potential purchase of narcotics from the defendant was erroneously allowed into evidence because that conversation took place prior to the defendant's arrival at the scene. The defendant had joined the group after the conversation at issue took place and then participated in the narcotics transaction. Davis, 46 Ill. 2d at 556, 264 N.E.2d at 141. That court's discussion of the facts shows the court took into consideration what happened after the codefendant's conversation that was at issue took place. See Davis, 46 Ill. 2d at 556-57, 264 N.E.2d at 141-42.