Is It Illegal to Engage Plumbing Trade Without a License ?

In People v. Johnson, 68 Ill. 2d 441, 369 N.E.2d 898, 12 Ill. Dec. 191 (1977), the defendant was charged with the offense of engaging in the plumbing trade without a license. Johnson, 68 Ill. 2d at 445. However, the trial court granted the defendant's motion to dismiss, holding that the statutory prerequisites for the taking of the licensing examination were unconstitutional. Johnson, 68 Ill. 2d at 445-46. On appeal, the Illinois Supreme Court considered the validity of the statutory provisions and concluded that the regulations in force at the time of the offense with which the defendant was charged were invalid. Johnson, 68 Ill. 2d at 450. The Johnson court held that the charge against the defendant be dismissed, and it thus affirmed the trial court's judgment. Johnson, 68 Ill. 2d at 450-51.