Late Filing of a Call for Party Convention to Nominate Circuit Court Judge

In People ex rel. Bell v. Powell, 35 Ill. 2d 381, 221 N.E.2d 272 (1966), the supreme court held to be directory and not mandatory the statutory requirement that, not later than 88 days prior to the date of election, the chairman of the county central committee of a political party file a call for the convention of his party for nomination of an associate judge of the circuit court. Powell, 35 Ill. 2d at 382-83. The court held that the purpose of the statute was "to ensure that election officials be furnished with the names of candidates in ample time for the several election officials to prepare for the election." Powell, 35 Ill. 2d at 383. Because no one alleged that the late filing resulted in fraud or prejudice, an inability of election officials to comply with their statutory duties, or adverse effects on the merits of the election, the court held that the late filing should be accepted. Powell, 35 Ill. 2d at 384.