Reduced Compensation Where a Victim Knowingly Placed Himself In a Dangerous Situation

Pursuant to Crime Victims Compensation Act section 10.1(d), the Court has denied or reduced compensation in circumstances where a victim knowingly placed himself in a dangerous situation. (Ford v. State (1995), 47 Ill. Ct. Cl. 580; In re Application of Cole (1993), 46 Ill. Ct. Cl. 561.) In Ford, the award was reduced by 25 percent because the victim had prior dealings with drug dealers. Although the victim had rehabilitated himself, one of the drug dealers with whom he had previously dealt was trylng to collect money from the victim and shot the victim. In the Cole case, the award was reduced by 50 percent because his voluntary intoxication contributed to his death. The victim had been attacked and fell into a drainage ditch. The victim could not crawl out of the ditch due to his intoxication, the loss of his glasses and the injuries he sustained in the assault. He drowned in the ditch.